how we work

Under our management program we take care of all things relating to your aircraft. We understand that life and business can be stressful enough, so our goal is to create a stress-free aviation experience for you or your business. We have experience managing all size aircraft -- from 172's to Citations. All our services are customizable so that we can specifically assist with your aviation needs, whether they be business or pleasure Call us today for more information and pricing.

what we offer

When Bon Air manages your aircraft, the following services are provided:

Professional, courteous and well trained Crew: Here at Bon Air our number one concern is your safety. Our pilots and crew are well trained professionals who are consistently undergoing recurrent training to ensure proficiency in all areas of flight.

Aircraft Maintenance Oversight including, but not limited to, Cescom or SierraCom data input, part 91 and/or current lease compliance, maintain records on the aircraft, engines and systems in accordance with the applicable FAR’s, and planning scheduled maintenance, to the extent possible, around client’s schedule.

Fuel Fleet Discounts: As a Bon Air management customer you will receive extremely competitive fuel rates. Rates will vary.

International Travel Documentation: EPAIS, customs, documentation and stickers are all prepared in advance to any international flight.
Private Terminal: You or your business will waste no time waiting in lines.

Hangar Facilities: If requested, Bon Air can also provide discounted hangar facilities as a part of your Management Agreement.

Monthly reports for usage, costs, and income (when applicable): Bon Air will provide each client with monthly reports to see the breakdown of costs within the client’s flight department.

Chart and GPS Updates and Subscriptions: As a part of our goal to provide a safe, up-to-date cockpit environment, Bon Air will assure that all charts, XM Weather subscriptions and anything else required to ensure the safety of the flight is taken care of prior to take off.

Discounted Aircraft Insurance
through our fleet program, when applicable