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Aircraft Management: we provide customizable services to meet the specific needs of each customer:
Updates: All legal documents, lease compliance, records, engines, and GPS systems are updated promptly and effectively to ensure that the aircraft are legal and safe to fly.

Hangar Rental: We rent out two spacious hangars to our customers that have the capability to hold five Citations each. For a monthly payment, your aircraft can be housed in a heated hangar for easy access.

Maintenance: For customers that are local in Lynchburg, VA, we offer maintenance to based aircraft meaning minor or major repairs, inspections, and avionics work.


Bon Air has served our customers faithfully for 12 years in which Kyle Falwell in 2006 envisioned a solution to the challenges that inevitably occur in the process of buying or selling airplanes. What started as a simplistic brokerage has evolved into a complex business in which our company offers management services, allows owners to dry lease airplanes to others, and concierge services. All pilots must undergo rigorous yearly courses, check rides, and testing to ensure to highest level of safety.


Commercial Pilot Certificate
Instrument and Multiengine Rating
Type Rating in CE-525 and CE-550

Benefits Offered

Discounted fuel prices
Private terminal use: no commercial aircraft lines or waiting
International travel


As a brokering company we have the ability to find airplanes that meet our customers specific needs and wants. We have several contacts and resources to find the best deals with the most benefit to the customer. When a customer decides they want to sell their airplane, we handle the process by finding suitable buyers with competitive prices to return the value of the plane back to the customer.

In addition to managing airplanes, Bon Air has seven on call, qualified pilots with 50, 000 hours of experience combined. The owners of the aircraft have the option to dry lease their aircraft to others in which a person or business can use the aircraft and pilots for business or personal trips.

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